2nd Chakra oil – Archangel Gabriel Oil


To open and balance the sacral chakra, apply sacral chakra oil. The sacral chakra is linked to joy and creativity. Reproduction, creativity, joy, and zeal are all impacted. In a base of fractionated coconut oil, there is clary sage, spearmint, and various herbs and essential oils.

The messenger who announced Jesus’ birth was the archangel Gabriel. Asking for assistance at times of loss and sadness, enhancing creativity, inspiring joy, raising your consciousness while you sleep, bringing heavenly dreams, and creating a good outlook on life are all things that Gabriel can help with.

Use it as an anointing oil, burn a few drops of it in an oil burner, add a few drops to a bowl of water and take a bath with it. You can also anoint a taper or spell candle with the oil, or pour a few drops (but not too many) to the top of a jar candle before lighting it. With a sharp tool, ink your desire to be cleansed and purified into the candle’s wax before lighting it.

Orange is a recommended candle color.
Psalm 47 is a suggested reading.
Please be aware that using this product does not require you to cooperate with angels and saints.

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2nd Chakra oil – Archangel Gabriel Oil