2nd Chakra Candle – Archangel Gabriel Candle


2nd chakra – Sacral Chakra candle is used to activate and balance the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with creativity and joy. It affects reproduction, creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. Candle is made with Clary Sage, spearmint, and other essential oils in soy wax.

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger who announced the birth of Jesus. Invoke Gabriel to
– increase joy and optimism
– to create a positive view of life
– request help during times of grief and bereavement
– enhance creativity
– stimulate joyfulness
– raise your consciousness while you sleep
– all matters dealing with childbirth
– bring angelic dreams and guidance

Suggested uses: Use this candle to activate and balance the 2nd (sacral) chakra. Can be used as a chakra meditation candle. Candle can also be used to invoke Archangel Gabriel.

Candle color = orange
Suggest Psalm to read = 47

Candle is pour in 9 oz. glass jar with black lid. Burns approximately 40 hours is the wick is kept trimmed.

Please note – you do not have to work with angels and saints to use this product.

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2nd Chakra Candle Archangel Gabriel Candle