1st Chakra oil – Archangel Uriel Oil


1st Root Chakra Archangel oil. The root chakra can be opened and balanced using Uriel oil. The root chakra is the basis of existence. It has an impact on sexuality, stability, sensuality, and security. In a foundation of fractionated coconut oil are frankincense, ravensara, raspberry leaf, and various herbs and essential oils.

The Light of God is an alias for Archangel Uriel. When you feel like you’ve lost your way, call upon Uriel.
– to increase your vitality restore inner peace and support a grounded reality; dispel fear; release deep energy blocks; arouse lust, desire, and amour; release energy blocks; help connect with divine harmony and peace;

Use it as an anointing oil, burn a few drops of it in an oil burner, add a few drops to a bowl of water and take a bath with it. You can also anoint a taper or spell candle with the oil, or pour a few drops (but not too many) to the top of a jar candle before lighting it. With a sharp tool, ink your desire to be cleansed and purified into the candle’s wax before lighting it.

Red is a recommended candle color.
Please read Psalm 106.
Please be aware that using this product does not require you to work with angels and saints.

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1st Chakra Archangel Uriel Oil