Magical Oils

aromaG’s blends our magical oils in house and we create a wide variety of types for every path. Oils used in hoodoo, wicca, witchcraft, saints, angels, the orishas, signs of the zodiac, and oils mixed with crystals and gemstones.Throughout history, magical oils have been used to effect change and strengthen the helpless. They were used to anoint kings and priests, cleanse sacred items, and cure wounds and broken hearts. Oils have been used to anoint spell candles, prayer papers, mojo bags, to ritually cleanse the home, on the body, on things, and secretly in Biblical times, Hoodoo, prayer, and spellwork.

Probably the most important of all ingredients found in a magical oil is your intention. Purpose, faith, focus, and emotion set magical waves in motion. It is something we talk about often to clients and customers – that no oil, candle, powder, or herb will do you any good without putting something of yourself into the work. Rubbing oil on a candle, lighting it, and walking away will not bring you what you want. But if your intention is strong and you use historically crafted magical oils with natural ingredients like we make at aromaG’s – the chance of your spell or ritual working is even greater.