Our People

aromagregory nashville

Gregory White founded the aromagregory company in 1999. In addition to creating many of the bath products you find in the store, he is the head metaphysical buyer for the shop. He is a certified clinical aromatherapist and the author of 5 books. He is also one of the staff Tarot readers and teaches classes on aromatherapy, soap making, and American Folk Magic. He is a frequent guest on the Lucky Mojo radio show and has his own line of spiritual products under the Conjure Shop label. He and Roy are married and have two grown daughters (and a couple of kitties.)

psychic reading nashvilleRoy Hamilton is Co-owner of aromagregory and wears many hats including: retail store manager, chief candle maker, and staff Tarot reader. He is also in charge of all internet orders and keeps everything running smoothly with his computer and book-keeping skills. He is a Intuitive Energy Healer and sees clients in his private office in the aromaG building, offering various healing therapies for mind, body and spirit. He is an Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist, and Certified Aromatherapist. Roy has his own line of products under the Spirit Essentials label. For recreation, Roy enjoys reading (especially books of a spiritual nature), writing, walking, photography, and gardening.


Sylvia Pilkinton is a production assistant in the aromagregory factory where she fills essential oils, makes bathbombs and helps concoct many of the bath and body products. When she is not working: she is volunteering at the Nashville Public Library, on Amazon ordering another wig for her vast collection, artfully applying makeup while starring at herself in the mirror or sewing her latest costume for an upcoming Cosplay Convention. You can follow her cosplay shenanigans on Instagram at feminist_undertones.