NEW Conjure Candles Released

We love creating new products and the wall where we keep all the hoodoo supplies looks a little more loved Kiss Me Quick, D.U.M.E., and Van Van candlesevery time we invent new candles. Five NEW Conjure Candles released this month: Kiss Me Quick, DUME, Van Van, Dragon’s Blood, and Hummingbird. So we’ve got a little love, a little hate, a touch of sweetness, and a little in between.

  • Kiss Me Quick is our new conjure candle meant to rekindle marital fires or to bring about a quick love affair.
  • D.U.M.E. stands for “death unto my enemies,” although some us it as “destruction unto my enemies.”
  • Van Van is often used to set wrongs right again. It turns bad luck back into good and is especially helpful whenever that nasty Mercury in Retrograde rolls around
  • Hummingbird is already flying off the shelves and has had to be remade 5 times because of orders for it. It’s all is about experiencing sweet and special love. Can also be used to make other things in your life sweet. The scent is amazing with a blend of rose, jasmine, and vanilla
  • Dragon’s Blood is so rich and beautiful with resin sprinkled on top. Dragon’s blood resin, amber oil, patchouli oil.

    chuparossa candle

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