Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money spell from Papa GeeMONEY DRAWING spell work is something that we perform every day. Our store has a money altar near the front door where a green money candle is lit during all hours we are open and sits beside our money honey jar. Another money drawing altar is right inside the door of our little cottage church where this money drawing candle spell was created.

Here we used items that are associated with money magic: real cash, coins, i-ching coins, pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon sticks, green rice, alfalfa and other ingredients depending on your particular situation. The saint I turn to for money matters is St. Homobonus, who is the patron Saint of business people. The 9 inch green pillar is in the center but a 6 inch one would be just as effective and should be carved with your name, money symbols, and any parts of your petition that link to root of the matter about your finances and anointed with money drawing and money lasts oil. Behind this pillar candle, I also anoint a green 7-day candle to keep the energy of the spell working for a solid week. – Papa Gee

green 6 inch candle
1 bottle “Money Drawing” oil
1 bottle “Money Lasts” oil
pyrite gravel
green glass encased vigil candle

Setting this up is a matter of preference. You can see from the picture that we’ve go all out with statuary, money, coins, etc. Use your instincts as to how much or how little to do. You cannot set up a money altar incorrectly. It’s your intention that matters the most.

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