Making Soap Book Now on Sale

Making Soap Book Now on SaleI’ve been working for the past several months revamping my book MAKING SOAP FROM SCRATCH. I listened closely to all of the reviews I read and also the direct feedback from readers. From their feedback, I included all the things that readers/reviewers felt were missing from the first edition: more instructions on STANDARD soap making, more recipes for standard soap making, how to swirl colors in soap, how to sell soap, how to cut and cure soap, how to set up a booth at a craft fair or market.

The original “Bubbles and Bull” section where I described past business relations that went south has been greatly edited to only two stories, leaving more room for soap talk and soap recipes. The second edition also includes a section for those who wanted a few recipes using animal fats.

Reading the negative reviews of other soap making books helped me in the editing process because it showed me the things that people complained about in ALL soap making books. In other words, what were the things they wanted to see or learn about but did not? One specific complaint was the overuse of expensive ingredients. I have to say that I made the recipes fifty-fifty. There is an even split of the luxurious and the very affordable.

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