ABOUT US – aromaG’s Botanica

Roy, left – Greg, right


Back in 1998, Greg went to see a movie called Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In the film, Bullock’s character Sally (a witch) opens up a little botanical shop called VERBENA. The visual of the store itself peaked his interest – its harsh white walls and shelving lined with dark glass bottles; corks dipped in beeswax with unknown beauty potions lurking inside. The parchment style labels, the botanical wall hangings, a basket of bright green pears on the checkout counter – it was all eye-candy for someone who had read a lot about herbs and herbal remedies. In 1999, after a year of learning to make soap and candles, he bought the domain aromagregory.com and began setting up at festivals and markets over the next few years.

In 2003 Greg met his future husband, Roy, who was also interested in learning candle and soap making. During this time, Roy also learned Reiki, fulfilling a long-time interest of his in the healing arts.

But, alas, they were not as green as they thought they were. During the first setup at a festival together their booth was across from another soap vendor, one with soaps only scented with real essential oils – lavenders and mints and eucalyptus and patchouli. They looked at their table of gardenia and fresh linen scented soaps and realized they were disappointed. Out came the essential oils books that night. By the next batch, our soaps were only scented with real essential oils – their very first batch being a lavender rosemary blend.

Their repertoire of products grew and they opened our first store that year – a tiny 375 square foot boutique packed with soaps, candles, lotions, incense, creams and scrubs. But traffic was terrible there. So, it closed in a little under a year. They began setting up monthly at the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market for most of 2004 and 2005.

In 2005, both took a long-distance course (Canadian) in aromatherapy and upon completion, became official certified aromatherapists.

In 2006, Roy and Greg rented a larger store inside the same building as a yoga studio. As the business grew, they incorporated in 2012 as the Aromagregory Creative inc. company. Over the years, the store has continued to grow and showcase their variety of interests.  In 2019, the guys took over the entire building bringing the store to 2500 square feet. The next year, offices and a new production studio were added down the street from the store. “We started as a simple soap and herb shop and have grown to become the largest artisan-based Metaphysical store in the South. For more than a decade, it was only the two of us running the shop. Now there are more than 15 of us between the store, the office, and the studio.”

aromaG’s Botanica is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Quality products and good customer service is the mainstay of the company. “We’re sticklers for quality control, which shows in our fine products.” Greg and Roy