House Blessing Kit

1 Bundle White Sage
13 Herb Cleansing Bath
1 Muslin Bag
2 Tea Light Candles
1 House Blessing Powdered Incense
1 House Blessing St. Joseph Oil
1 Black Candle
1 White Candle
1 Candle Holder
1 White Mojo Bag
4 Crystals

$29.95 full House Blessing Kit
A HOUSE BLESSING is an ancient ritual used to protect a home’s inhabitants from misfortune, negativity, or spirit intrusion.

Take about a tablespoon of the 13 herb bath and place it in the beige-colored muslin bag. Draw a bath and light the white tea light candles, placing on on either side of the bathtub — either on its ledge or the floor below. Take a bowl into the bathroom with you (more on this later). Place the muslin bag with herbs inside in the bath water. Step into the bath and bathe with the intention of removing all negativity from you. You may say your favorite prayer while bathing. (this is a spiritual bath — not one where you use shampoo and soap). When you have finished, collect a bowl of your bath water and set aside. Towel dry and blow out the tea light candles. Take the bowl of bath water outside and throw to the direction of the sunset (west), preferably off of your own property.

Light your powdered incense by pinching a small amount into a cone shape in a firesafe dish or ashtray. Blow out and it will continue to burn.
Rub some of the House Blessing oil between your fingers and anoint the black candle by rubbing it with oil. Place in candle holder and light. A black candle is intended to absorb negativity.

Light your bundle of white sage. When well lit, blow out and it should begin to create smoke. Use a firesafe dish, tray, or shell to hold underneath the sage to catch the ashes as you go through the house. Start with the room the farthest distance from the front door. If you have a two story house, begin upstairs. Smudge (smoke) around every wall in each room, including the corners, the windows, and the interior of the closet. Move from room to room until you exit the front door. (You may say a prayer or blessing while smudging.) You may snuff out the sage stick if you wish, or set in your firesafe dish until it naturally extinguishes.

Take the four crystals included in your kit and anoint with the HOUSE BLESSING oil. You can either place their at the four corners of the inside of your house OR choose to bury them at the four corners outside your house.

Take the remainder of the 13 Herb Bath and tie up in the white mojo bag that is included in your kit. Rub a little of the HOUSE BLESSING oil on the outside of the bag. Keep the bag beside your front door (or attached to inside of the door itself) as a talisman of protection. Dab a small amount of the oil around the four corners of your front door as well.

When the black candle has finished, anoint the white candle with the oil, say your prayer, and light. You may choose to light more incense, if you wish. When it has finished burning, your HOUSE BLESSING ritual is complete. Keep the oil for future anointing of yourself or objects in the home.