Honest Communication Spell

Honest Communication Spell

This spell is used when communication between you and your partner has become dishonest or hostile. Use it to call upon honest communication between you and another.

Write each of your names on two small slips of paper. Take a decorative, fire-safe bowl and place slips of paper in the bottom. Add a teaspoon of powdered sage on top

blue bowl communication spell
pick a bowl that fits your decor Remember blue is the color of communication

of the name papers. Choose an attractive bowl that will go well with your decor, something you find appealing and looks like it belongs in the room. Fill 3/4 of the way up with sand. Add a teaspoon of salt and sugar and mix into the sand.

You will use this bowl as an incense burner. Put incense sticks standing straight up in the sand. Keep this incense bowl in the same room where you usually have conversations. The smoke from the incense signifies air and free-flowing honest communication. The sage in the bottom of the bowl will keep your words honest.

Optionally, you can place a few blue stones, such as lapis on top of the sand. Blue is the color of communication and the throat chakra.