Green Pergola Soap

What happened to Green Pergola Soap and Aromatherapy Company?  We’re still right here with an old and new name – Aromagregory Creative Inc.

From 1999 to around 2003, our original company name was Aromagregory Botanicals.  When Gregory met Roy and they decided to work on the business together, they renamed the company Green Pergola.

In 2012 when we decided to incorporate, we reclaimed the name Aromagregory, leaving Green Pergola behind.  Why Aromagregory Creative Inc.?  Simple – our soaps and bath products are not the only things we do. Gregory takes aromatherapy clients, does chakra alignments and readings. He also designs websites for other small businesses.  Besides being the chief candle maker, Roy is also a Reiki Master and performs shamanic healings.  So, the word “bath” or “botanicals” did not quite cover everything. Creative (the way we try to approach everything we do) did.

green pergola

Why ditch the Green Pergola name after having it for so long?  Well, for one reason, customers couldn’t remember the name.  They also reported back to us that they couldn’t find us on the web when they looked for Green PAGODA.  Also, it was a long, drawn-out speech about how we came up with the name.  Green was supposed to signify the need for more natural products.  A pergola (where vines grow up, across, and back down again was supposed to signify to growth of mind, body, and spirits by using more green (natural) products.

We did, however, maintain the dot com. When customers go to, they will land on the website.

So, Green Pergola and Aromagregory are the same company. The same people who started the company still make and ship out your soaps orders.

Greg and Roy