Foot Track Magic Cleansing

Foot Track Magic CleansingThis is based on an old Hoodoo rite for removing crossed conditions. It can be used to remove foot track magic (like hot foot) or for cleansing a home of the residue of foot track magic.

What you will need:

The implementation is simple. Take about a half cup of ammonia and mix in a bucket with about 5 cups of water. Add a pinch of powdered horseradish, 3 straws from a broom, a dash of holy water, and about a capful of JINX BEGONE or CYPRIAN oil.  Mix well. Take a rag or sponge and cleanse the four corners on the house (inside.)  If you are concerned about the mixture spoiling carpeting (or anything else) then simply wipe down the baseboards in the four corners of the house.  This does not mean the four corners of the person’s room, but of the entire home. So, you will have to go from room to room to touch all four corners of the structure.  When you have done this, take outside and dump the rest on the front porch. After spreading it around a bit, feel free to pour more water on the porch to cleanse it. Now, the cleansing magic will be carried throughout the rest of your house whenever someone enters the front door.