Five Cherry Spell – FREE SPELL

Five Cherry Spell for Passion and Lust

cherries in love magic

This spell falls between a passion spell and a sweetening spell because of its ingredients. It is meant to awaken your partner’s desire in a way that they only have eyes for you. (cherries stand for love, respect, fidelity, passion, honesty) What you will need:

  • 5 cherries
  • Glass red wine
  • Teaspoon honey
  • Red bag or pouch

Pour the glass of wine, imagining that you are pouring it for your lover. Take a single sip of wine. Lick a small amount of honey from the teaspoon and eat a cherry. Take your time and make it a sensual experience as you roll the cherry around your mouth with your tongue while picturing you and your lover in bed. Take the remaining honey in the teaspoon and stir it into the wine. Spit the cherry pit into the wine. Repeat until you have eaten all the cherries and there are five pits in the glass. Allow the glass of wine with the pits in it to sit overnight. The next day, retrieve the pits from the wine and allow them to dry. You may throw away the remainder of the wine. Put three pits in the bag and place the bag under the center of your mattress. Put one pit in your underwear drawer and one in the bottom of his. If you fear he will find it, tape it to the bottom side of the drawer.

How to practice witchcraft using stone fruits

The sky is the limit when it comes to using stone fruits in your witchcraft, as it is with many various sorts of food.

Remember to thoroughly wash and dry your stone fruit before utilizing it, whether you plan to eat it or use it in magick (or both).

If you plan to consume the fruit yourself or serve it to others, check sure the water is suitable for human consumption before using it to clean your stone fruit.

Look through your fruit and throw away those that are obviously bad, have been consumed by small animals, or are dripping with juice.

If stone fruits need to ripen, place them somewhere warm but not too hot, such a kitchen table or counter. Store them in the refrigerator or a very chilly area, such as a cold cellar, if they are already ripe and you want to slightly extend their shelf life.