Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book

Unlock the Healing Powers of Aromatherapy with Our Essential Oils Book

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils for Beauty, Health, and Spirituality is written in a personable and easy to understand style and covers all of the important aspects of aromatherapy and essential oils. Reads like a conversation instead of a text book. Authored by a professional aromatherapist, it includes the history of aromatherapy, how to use the oils, the chemistry of essential oils, how to create a balanced blend, how essential oils are made, the carrier oils used in blends, scent notes, a few questionable aspects of the industry, recipes to get you started, and a complete encyclopedia of the top fifty-five oils.

The essential oil guide (encyclopedia) covers fifty-five of the most-used essential oils with detailed information about each oil including: botanical name, aromatic profile, origin, perfumery note, extraction method, description of the essential oil, safety warnings, and each oils uses and benefits for the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Added bonus rarely found in essential oils books: step by step directions showing how a professional aromatherapist creates a blend for a client based on their ailments, symptoms, medical history, emotions, and personal preferences. Sample Case Study included.

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ISBN-13: 978-0615858104
ISBN-10: 0615858104

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In days gone by, mentors taught their families, neighbors, and others interested in the arts of natural healing, as they were taught by their own mentors. Too much of that is lost these days in favor of science and academia. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy brings back that feeling of having a mentor as the author’s writing style is such that it feels like he’s in the room sharing his experience with me as he guides me in increasing my knowledge about essential oils. This very comprehensive volume covers fifty different oils in great depth, but in an easy to understand format.

It’s a great source of information, whether you are just beginning to have an interest in essential oils or aromatherapy, or if you have moderate to advanced knowledge of the subject, but would enjoy a handy fingertip reference to double check contraindications, applications, or other facts about essential oils. Recipes and sample forms make it ideal for the budding aromatherapist. It is likewise a valuable resource for the essential oil hobbyist.

I was particularly interested in the section on scents and perfumery; reading it gave me a much better idea of ways to keep my home smelling fresh and inviting.

I enjoyed the opportunity to read an advanced copy and can hardily recommend this book to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of essential oils, use them in their every day life personally, or who feel a calling to the healing arts of aromatherapy.

Perhaps the most useful section of this book to me is the essential oil guide — an encyclopedic section that alphabetically lists each essential oil and gives both its common and botanical names. Citing its place of origin, method of extraction, and perfumery note, this section alone makes this book a required part of any soap maker’s library. Already this has become a text that I refer back to each time down to make up a new recipe that includes essential oils. White’s conversational tone makes this section accessible and memorable: he explains each oil’s healing qualities and any precautions in using it as well as a brief, interesting summary of its history and lore.

White’s professional and educational background in aromatherapy gives him an insider’s knowledge into the industry which he shares. In reading this book, you’ll learn how to read the labels and often trademarked levels of “certification” that essential oil sellers use in order to market their products. This book helps its readers to become smarter consumers and, in turn, better crafts people.