Coffee Soap Recipe

COFFEE SOAP – chef’s coffee soap recipe

Coffee soap is used primarily in the kitchen. It creates a chemical
reaction that removes that smell of onion and garlic from your hands
when washing with it. Just as we made tea for our calendula soap, now
it’s time to brew a pot of coffee. Brew a strong batch of coffee – at least
as much as you’ll need for your batch (13.2 ounces). Allow to completely
cool and use as your lye water. Due to the addition of a full cup of
coffee grounds to your oil batch, this recipe will make more than your
mold can handle. Be prepared with an extra, single bar mold or throw
the remainder of the batch away (never down the sink).

28 oz. olive oil
10 oz. vegetable shortening
6 oz. coconut oil
13.2 oz. water
5.8 oz. lye
2 oz. coffee fragrance oil
1 cup dark roasted coffee grounds
5 tablespoons powdered cocoa

follow standard soap making instructions…. OUR STANDARD SOAP MAKING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOUND ON THIS PAGE

The deep, dark, rich color of this soap is reminiscent of espresso. Using a small amount of whole coffee beans on top of the soap enhances the scent, provides texture and looks pretty nice, too when giving coffee soap as a gift. When using the soap, be sure to take off the whole beans from the top of the soap to avoid clogging the bath drain. Makes a wonderful kitchen soap, but give coffee soap a whirl in the shower (is reported to help temporarily shrink cellulite). Soaps made with Coffee have become quite the rage among coffee fanatics. People who just want to experience the rich aroma of coffee even while cleansing and washing!

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