Facts About Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing therapy is a holistic alternative therapy that uses crystals to balance, heal, and restore the body’s energy. This method has been used for thousands of years. It is based on the idea that the human body is made up of different energy centers, or chakras, which can be affected by different kinds of energy, including the energy from crystals.

Crystals are thought to have special energy qualities that can help to heal and balance the body. Each rock has its own vibrational frequency, which is related to a certain chakra in the body. Practitioners think that by putting crystals on or near the body, the energy from the crystal can help to restore balance and help the body heal.

There are a lot of different kinds of crystals, and each one has its own way of healing. For example, people think that amethyst helps them feel calm and relaxed, while rose quartz makes them feel more love and kindness. Clear quartz is often used because it can boost energy and make people more spiritually aware.

During a crystal healing session, a practitioner will usually put crystals on certain parts of the body, like the chakras or acupuncture spots. During the session, the person may also hold or wear certain stones. The healer may also use other methods, like visualizing or meditating, to speed up the healing process.

Even though there aren’t many scientific studies on how well crystal healing works, many people say that it makes them feel calmer, more relaxed, and more in balance after a practice. Crystal healing is often used with other standard and alternative therapies, like meditation, yoga, and acupuncture.

Crystal healing therapy may not work for everyone, but for many people, it is a helpful and effective way to improve their general health and bring balance, healing, and restoration.

Five Crystals To Use For Protection

Five Crystals to Call on When You Need a Little Extra Protection

Here are five crystals you can use for protection. While there are many more you can use, we decided to focus on these five to give you a sense of how to use stones and crystals when you need to shield yourself from what can sometimes feel like a world filled with negativity. All of us experience periods in our lives when we require protection. Even some of the negativity on social media has made you not want to deal with people. This could be because you’re in a bad relationship or because of the nonstop doom and gloom of being able to watch the news 24 hours a day. Or, you might feel like negative energy is clouding your vision, making you feel ungrounded. Crystals can help you deal with your own negativity, self-sabotage, toxic relationships, or other people’s negativity by aligning you with their vibrations.

Besides shielding you from outside influences and bad energy, crystals can also provide you the power to defend yourself and the wisdom to know when to back off. The five crystals listed below can aid in your protection. You can tap into the power of these crystals by holding them in your hands during meditation or carrying them with you all day.


hematite for protectionWhen used during a transition or transformation in life, this mineral is beneficial due to its negativity-absorbing properties. Its balancing and grounding energies can be very helpful when building a solid foundation during these kinds of trying times. Hematite is thought to make people more creative and to increase blood flow while making them more stable and safe. When tumbled, it changes from its natural opaque red or gray color to gray with a mirror-like shine. The element Earth, the signs of Aquarius and Leo, and the Root Chakra are all symbols of hematite. Nine is a number vibration frequently used to help balance the root chakra.

Black onyx:

black onyx for protectionThis crystal can manifest confidence and strength, two qualities you’ll need to defend yourself. You will be able to handle everything life throws at you with the help of the energy of this strong crystal. Black onyx has beneficial qualities for enhancing self-confidence, boosting physical vigor, and developing inner power. These stones are also used as ordinary jewelry as a form of spiritual defense against psychic assault. The senses are heightened by black onyx. They will reduce mental haze, enhance intuition for clarity and judgment, sharpen concentration, and raise consciousness. The Root Chakra, the Zodiac signs Gemini and Scorpio, and the element of Earth serve as symbols for it.


malachite for protectionThis crystal is excellent for warding off evil spirits. This gem can function to repel all bad energy, whether it is internal or external. Malachite amulets were believed to offer protection from the evil eye. Long after, during the Middle Ages, children wore malachite to guard them against witchcraft and black magic. Malachite was believed to have warning properties and would shatter into pieces if danger were present. Malachite has several advantages, including offering security, reducing negativity, and directly boosting physical aspects of general health, such as your immune system, respiratory system, liver, and energy levels. The water element, the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and the Heart Chakra are all associated with malachite.


amethyst tumbledOne of the best crystals for psychological protection is amethyst. It can be used to look after your emotional and spiritual well-being because of its balancing and stabilizing qualities. Use this crystal to aid in the clearing of irrational, unfavorable, or worrisome thoughts. It can be very potent for those born under the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Amethyst helps you own your space by enabling a connection to your greatest and best thinking. Amethyst worn as a necklace can help you shield yourself from harmful energy in a crowd or public area. Put a piece beneath your pillow to safeguard against nightmares and psychic interference while you sleep. Another effective technique to utilize the power of these protective stones is to place Amethyst all over your home to maintain the frequency of your property. Both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras are in tune with it.

Black Tourmaline:

black tourmaline for protectiona strong healer and defender, black tourmaline stops negative energy from spreading and replaces it with neutrality. Carrying tourmaline prevents psychic attacks and destructive thought patterns. Every time you enter a situation that makes you feel anxious or frightened, have a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket. Tourmaline is thought to be a healing stone for people who have had a broken heart because it makes love grow, calms emotional pain, and gets rid of upsetting feelings. It soothes the negative emotions that strain relationships.

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