The Magical World of Lilacs – Plus a FREE Spell

Lilacs, with their lush petals and intoxicating fragrance, have captivated the hearts of many through the ages. Beyond their undeniable beauty, these blooms carry a profound magical significance that intertwines with folklore, witchcraft, and spiritual practices across different cultures. Today, we explore the mystical dimensions of lilacs, revealing how they can be woven into our lives to attract love, protection, and spiritual insight.

The Romantic Allure of Lilacs

In the realm of magic and folklore, lilacs are primarily associated with the blossoming of new love and the enchantment of romantic flirtation. This makes them a favored choice for love spells and rituals aimed at kindling passion or deepening emotional connections. The mere presence of lilacs is believed to invite the energies of love and companionship into one’s life, making them perfect for those seeking to attract a partner or enhance existing relationships.

Lilacs as Protectors Against the Unseen

Beyond their role in matters of the heart, lilacs possess powerful protective qualities. It is said that planting lilac bushes around your property can shield your home from negative energies and malevolent forces. Similarly, placing cut lilacs within the home acts as a safeguard, emitting protective vibrations that keep the dwelling and its inhabitants safe from harm. This protective aspect of lilacs makes them invaluable for warding magic, where they serve as guardians against the unseen.

A Gateway to Spiritual Insight and Divination

Lilacs also hold a special place in practices related to divination and spiritual exploration. The enchanting fragrance of lilac flowers is thought to enhance dream work, making dreams more vivid and easier to remember. For those engaged in divination, the scent of lilacs can sharpen intuitive abilities, facilitating clearer insights and epiphanies. This makes lilacs an excellent ally for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or seeking guidance from the metaphysical realms.

The Magickal Properties of Lilac Wood

The wood of the lilac tree carries its own unique magical attributes, especially when fashioned into wands or other ritual tools. Lilac wood is particularly suited to spells dealing with romance, love, and passion, amplifying the intentions of the practitioner. Furthermore, it aids in concentration, imagination, and the attraction of positive energies, making it a versatile tool in the hands of a skilled witch or magician.

Embracing Lilac Magic in Everyday Life

Incorporating lilac magic into your life can be as simple as planting lilac bushes near your entrance to protect your home or keeping fresh-cut lilacs in your bedroom to encourage dream work and divination. For those drawn to the craft, crafting a wand from lilac wood or using lilacs in spells for love and protection can deepen your connection to the natural world and its hidden forces.


This spell is designed to deepen the emotional connection between partners, fostering a stronger bond of love and understanding. It harnesses the magical properties of lilacs to attract romantic energies and enhance feelings of love.


  • Fresh lilac petals (preferably purple for passion and white for purity of intention)
  • A pink candle (to symbolize affection and romance)
  • Rose quartz (a crystal known for its properties of love)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A small bowl of natural spring water


  1. Candle Preparation: Take the pink candle and carve your name and your partner’s name into it. As you do this, visualize your relationship bathed in a warm, loving light. Anoint the candle with a few lilac petals, gently rubbing them against the candle while focusing on your intention for deeper love and connection.
  2. Activation of Ingredients: Hold the rose quartz in your hands, and visualize it glowing with a soft pink light. As you do this, say, “Stone of love, bring us closer, heart to heart, in harmony and understanding.” Place the rose quartz near the candle on your altar.
  3. Writing Your Intentions: On the piece of paper, write down your desires for your relationship. Be specific about the feelings and experiences you wish to attract or deepen. Fold the paper and place it under the candle.
  4. Creating a Lilac Elixir: Take the bowl of spring water and gently place the lilac petals in it. Stir clockwise with your finger or a wand, envisioning the water absorbing the magical properties of the lilacs—love, protection, and spiritual connection. Whisper your intentions into the bowl, infusing it with your desire for a loving, harmonious relationship.
  5. Candle Lighting Ceremony: Light the pink candle, focusing on the flame as a beacon of love and attraction. Say aloud, “By the light of this flame and the magic within, let our love grow stronger from without and within. May the lilacs weave their enchanting spell, deepening our love, in which we dwell.”
  6. Sealing the Spell: Allow the candle to burn safely for at least an hour. While it burns, meditate on your relationship, visualizing it flourishing and filled with happiness and mutual understanding. After an hour, or once you feel ready, blow out the candle with gratitude in your heart.
  7. Final Touch: Take the bowl with the lilac-infused water and sprinkle a few drops around your home, especially in your bedroom and other spaces where you and your partner spend a lot of time. This acts as a blessing and brings the magical essence of lilacs into your shared environment.
  8. Closing the Spell: Hold the rose quartz and say, “Thank you, spirits of love and lilacs, for blessing our union. So mote it be.” Keep the rose quartz with you or place it in a shared space as a talisman of your love.

Five Cherry Spell – FREE SPELL

Five Cherry Spell for Passion and Lust

cherries in love magic

This spell falls between a passion spell and a sweetening spell because of its ingredients. It is meant to awaken your partner’s desire in a way that they only have eyes for you. (cherries stand for love, respect, fidelity, passion, honesty) What you will need:

  • 5 cherries
  • Glass red wine
  • Teaspoon honey
  • Red bag or pouch

Pour the glass of wine, imagining that you are pouring it for your lover. Take a single sip of wine. Lick a small amount of honey from the teaspoon and eat a cherry. Take your time and make it a sensual experience as you roll the cherry around your mouth with your tongue while picturing you and your lover in bed. Take the remaining honey in the teaspoon and stir it into the wine. Spit the cherry pit into the wine. Repeat until you have eaten all the cherries and there are five pits in the glass. Allow the glass of wine with the pits in it to sit overnight. The next day, retrieve the pits from the wine and allow them to dry. You may throw away the remainder of the wine. Put three pits in the bag and place the bag under the center of your mattress. Put one pit in your underwear drawer and one in the bottom of his. If you fear he will find it, tape it to the bottom side of the drawer.

How to practice witchcraft using stone fruits

The sky is the limit when it comes to using stone fruits in your witchcraft, as it is with many various sorts of food.

Remember to thoroughly wash and dry your stone fruit before utilizing it, whether you plan to eat it or use it in magick (or both).

If you plan to consume the fruit yourself or serve it to others, check sure the water is suitable for human consumption before using it to clean your stone fruit.

Look through your fruit and throw away those that are obviously bad, have been consumed by small animals, or are dripping with juice.

If stone fruits need to ripen, place them somewhere warm but not too hot, such a kitchen table or counter. Store them in the refrigerator or a very chilly area, such as a cold cellar, if they are already ripe and you want to slightly extend their shelf life.

Honest Communication Spell

Honest Communication Spell

This spell is used when communication between you and your partner has become dishonest or hostile. Use it to call upon honest communication between you and another.

Write each of your names on two small slips of paper. Take a decorative, fire-safe bowl and place slips of paper in the bottom. Add a teaspoon of powdered sage on top

blue bowl communication spell
pick a bowl that fits your decor. Remember, blue is the color of communication

of the name papers. Choose an attractive bowl that will go well with your decor, something you find appealing and looks like it belongs in the room. Fill 3/4 of the way up with sand. Add a teaspoon of salt and sugar and mix into the sand.

You will use this bowl as an incense burner. Put incense sticks standing straight up in the sand. Keep this incense bowl in the same room where you usually have conversations. The smoke from the incense signifies air and free-flowing honest communication. The sage in the bottom of the bowl will keep your words honest.

Optionally, you can place a few blue stones, such as lapis on top of the sand. Blue is the color of communication and the throat chakra.

Doorway & Boundary Charm Spell


This Doorway & Boundary charm spell is used to keep evil away from your house and invite the good inside. Call in blessings and banish negativity with…

¼ cup sugar
¼ cup salt
2 small jars
1 white chime candle
1 black chime candle
Devil Begone sachet powder
House Blessing sachet powder
2 cross charms
Blue embroidery thread

Fill one jar with sugar and the other with salt. To the sugar jar, add one Tablespoon of House Blessing Sachet powder. Then, in the jar of salt, add one Tablespoon of Devil Begone sachet powder. Stir each one well until the sachet powders are mixed in thoroughly.

Now, place one cross charm in the sugar jar and screw on the lid. Next, put the other cross in the salt jar and screw on the lid. You are now going to burn the white candle on top of the jar of sugar and the black candle on top of the jar of salt.

Miraculous Cross charmThe next day, open the jars and take out the charm crosses and set them aside. Take the jar of salt to the end of your driveway and begin throwing handfuls into the street. When you have finished, take the jar of sugar, go to the end of the driveway – but this time, turn and face your house and begin throwing handfuls up the driveway while walking towards the house until you return to your doorway.

When you have finished, take the embroidery thread and cut a piece off about 6 feet long. Double it over to make it a thicker, 3 foot long piece. Then tie both of the crosses onto the thread. Nail the thread in the doorway in the space between the front door and the storm door (or where a storm door would normally be.) If this is not possible where you live, hang on a nail or tack just inside your front door. This charm will keep the bad out and invite the good in.

This doorway spell was shared by Papa Gee on an episode of the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Amulets Charms & Talismans episode with Catherine Yronwode and Papa Gee on 8/22/21

Appalachian Folk Magic – Protection from Ghosts & Ghouls

Protection from Ghosts and Ghouls in Appalachian Folk Magic

For the Appalachian folk magic practitioner, the otherworld is all around us. We exist in a world inhabited by little people, ghosts, spirits, demons, and angels. Yet, most people are taught to deny the existence of the otherworld and its entities from the time we are small children. Following in the footsteps of their Celtic ancestors, Appalachian folk magic practitioners regard natural openings or doorways as sacred places — the portals between worlds. Caves, lakes, stones with naturally occurring holes (holey or hag stones), graveyards, and mountain tops are all believed to be places where one can glimpse into the spiritual world. Since the spirituality of the Appalachian folk magic practitioner is so far interwoven with nature it would be incorrect to think of this spirituality as an organized system of mystical beliefs or practices. It is looking at nature differently, appreciating all that God created – both the everyday and the mysterious.

Protection Against Ghosts and Ghouls in Appalachian Folk MagicThe otherworld is populated with various kinds of entities that are seldom regarded as spiritual beings. They are more often thought of as creatures or animals. The Appalachian folk magic practitioner regards these entities as being less evolved than the human race, but none-the-less deserving of respect. This can be seen in how Appalachian folk magic practitioners relate to their animal familiars — even if the familiar was once a person who was somehow transformed into an animal through magical means. The otherworld also contains good and bad faeries (a form of little people), elves, dwarves, trolls, giants, witches (good or evil), angels or fairies masquerading as people, ghosts (usually deceased family members) that will sometimes linger near their graves, and ancestral spirits who may dwell in an old home place or other location where they once lived. These entities can interfere with individuals, groups of people, or even whole communities. Appalachian folk magic practitioners work to protect themselves, their family members, neighbors (or community), livestock (and crops) from the harmful influences of these otherworld entities by employing various types of charms and spells.

One example is a spell intended to prevent a witch from bewitching a child. It is called “binding” in the vernacular of local tradition:

A Witch’s Binding Spell

Take nine stalks of red thread that has been braided together and tie nine knots in it while saying: “As I knot this string so I knot you three times three. I bewitch you witch and none can do so more.” Place the knotted string in a tree for nine days or until it rots away completely.

These folk magic herbal charms often employ natural objects such as roots, herbs, stones, bottles, animal skulls etc., to provide physical evidence of their magical power. Another example can be in this charm for protection against witches (who are thought to be human-like creatures that possess the power to assume animal forms at will):

An Appalachian Charm Against Witches

At midnight on a Saturday take seven hairs from the mane of a black cat and tie them together with threeProtection Against Ghosts and Ghouls in Appalachian Folk Magic knots, saying “As this hair is knotted so I knot you. As this knot is tied so I bind you.” The remainder of the hairs are carried in one’s pocket or purse where they are believed to protect against witches coming near the person who carries them.

These hill-folk practitioners also use various colored candles strategically placed around their homes for protection against evil entities that may try to enter through doorways or windows. If there is a window above a doorway in which a person has been sleeping, a green candle should be lit on the other side of the window to protect him or her from harm caused by ghosts and ghouls who may want to enter through that doorway. Another method is to place a black candle within a circle of salt to keep evil entities away from its position for as long as it burns.

To Calm a Fussy Baby

To quiet a crying baby one would hold a lit candle over a vessel containing water while concentrating on what was wanted (such as peace and tranquility) while dripping the melting wax into the water. The vessel is usually kept near where the baby sleeps; other times it might be placed under its crib or chair.

Appalachian practitioners worked to protect themselves, their family members, neighbors (or community), livestock (and crops) from the harmful influences of these otherworld entities by employing various types of charms and spells, almost always from materials found right there in the hills.

Here are some featured products centering around Appalachian Folk Magic…

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If you want to learn more about Appalachia, take a look at the The Official Magazine of Appalachian State University

Florida Water Protection Bottle Spell

Florida Water is already used in Hoodoo and some folk magical paths as a counterpart for holy water. So, by nature, it is already protective. Here florida water bottlewe’re going to add additional ingredients and perform a little magical work to create a Florida Water protection bottle spell. Protection magic is one of the oldest and most often asked about types of magical spellwork. Protection spells has been recorded all the way back to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, and is found in magical belief systems from all over the world.

  1. Take a bottle of Florida water and remove the label.
  2. Now, cut out a piece of paper about the same size as the original label and write on it the beginning of Psalm 31:
     I come to you, Lord, for protection; never let me be defeated. You are a righteous God; save me, I pray!  Hear me! Save me now! Be my refuge to protect me; my defense to save me.  You are my refuge and defense; guide me and lead me as you have promised.  Keep me safe from the trap that has been set for me; shelter me from danger.  I place myself in your care.
  3. Next, write your name and the names of all who live in your household between the lines of the psalm. Now, wrap the new label around the bottle facing inward. You can tape it to the bottle with clearing packing tape.

Ingredients you’ll need for the Florida Water Protection spell. Use a pinch each. Inside the Florida water bottle you’re going to add:

  • Angelica root (to receive blessings)
  • Blue cornflowers or lavender buds (for peace in the home) 
  • Plantain (to prevent theft)
  • Pinch epsom salt (to reverse any evil)
  • 3 straws from your broom (to keep away unwanted visitors)
  • Piece of tourmaline (grounding, but also thwarts complaining neighbors)

Take 3 white chime candles and anoint with House Blessing oil. Burn one candle beside the bottle, every day for 3 days. Place a good loaf of bread on the other side of the bottle. Shake the bottle every day.

When finished, use the Florida water to anoint your doorways, welcome mat, front porch, your mailbox. Pinch up the loaf of bread and spread in your yard so that the birds can carry your blessings and protection up into the trees and throughout your neighborhood.   – Papa Gee

florida water 1900s advertisementflorida water victorian adflorida water with monkey

Move Away Willow Tree Hoodoo Spell

Move Away Willow Tree Hoodoo Spell

Move Away Willow Tree Hoodoo SpellThis is based on an old Hoodoo spell to get a neighboring enemy to move away.

Take the branch of a willow tree from its North or South side – you do not want a branch that the sun shines on in the morning or evening. Take the branch home and strip it clean until it is smooth. It should now resemble a whip. Rub the branch down with a small amount of oil (olive, canola, peanut, etc) then sprinkle the branch with black pepper. Every day for 3 weeks, take to your enemy’s house and whip against the ground on the edge of their property. (their porch steps is better but doing this for 3 weeks straight seems a little risky.) If you cannot approach their home at all, print out or draw a picture of their house and include the house number. Swat that drawing with the branch every day for 3 weeks.

At the end of the 3 week period,

  • burn the paper and collect the ashes.
  • Take the ashes and the branch to a graveyard.
  • Dig a hole in the center of a grave,
  • drop in the ashes, plant the branch in the hole.
  • Turn and walk away without looking back.

For extra power, rub hot foot oil on the willow branch instead of plain oil.aromaG's Botanica Conjure Shop Hot Foot Oil

Candle Spell Come to Me

MOVING CANDLE COME TO ME SPELL –Moving Candle Come to Me spell

this is to bring someone closer to you, perhaps someone you have an interest in, but the “spark” hasn’t quite happened yet. This same work can be used for a spell of reconciliation. If that is the case, just replace the COME TO ME oil with RECONCILE oil and write your petition accordingly. This spell calls for a male and a female figural candle. Replace, if needed, according to your sexual orientation.

What you will need:

1 male figural candle, red or pink
1 female figural candle, red or pink
rose petals
1 lodestone
paper and pencil
red or pink ribbon

Spell Directions:

First, carve the names for each person on the candle that represents them. For the male, write his name and on the female, her name. If you don’t want to use a knife, you can easily carve words into the candle using the tip of an ink pen or even a toothpick. Rub COME TO ME oil into each candle over your carvings in an upward motion. If you happen to have hair from the person you want to attract, place it under their candle. You can do the same with your own.

These candles will melt and run across a surface. You need something flat with a lip around the edges to place the candles on. A cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil makes for a simple, easy to clean up workspace. Write your name on a piece of paper seven times. Now, turn the paper and write your love interest’s name seven times so that it interlocks with your name. This will “weave” the two names together. Anoint each corner and the center of the paper with your COME TO ME oil. Place the petition paper in the center of the cookie sheet and set the lodestone on top of it.

Now, set each candle on opposite sides of the cookie sheet facing each other. It isn’t necessary to move them all the way to each edge. You want to leave enough room around the sheet so that you can sprinkle a ring of rose petals all the way around the two candles, locking them into a circle of roses.

Light each candle, and state your intention. The wording doesn’t have to be lengthy or rhyme. Simply speak from the heart and say what you want to happen. Some people choose to pray at this time. Every 10 minutes scoot each candle a little closer to the center, about an inch or so. After doing this several times, the candles should be touching (or almost touching, depending on how to candle is made) and both be on top of your petition paper. Now that they have moved across the surface and finally found each other, allow them to burn the rest of the way down without disturbing. The next day, gather the rose petals from the surface. You can either save them to use in a mojo bag later or sprinkle a few petals into your bath water on the days you plan to see your intended. Also, keep a little COME TO ME oil behind your ears or on your wrists when you know the two of you will be together. Gather the foil around the wax and tie with a red or pink ribbon. Place under your bed for seven nights. After the seven days is up, bury in your front yard beside the porch to entice them to come to your house. If you live in an apartment, you can bury at the bottom of a potted plant. I knew someone who placed it in the bottom of the umbrella stand beside her front door.

Pyramid of Power – Spell to Regain Personal Power & Confidence

Joan of Arc, a symbol of personal powerPYRAMID OF POWER spell

This spell is one of personal power, to regain your confidence and take back control of all your good qualities so that you can forge the life you want to create.

  • What you will need:
  • 1 purple vigil candle
  • 1 black vigil candle
  • 1 white vigil candle
  • JOAN OF ARC oil

    For this Pyramid of Power Spell, take three vigil candles: one purple, one black, and one white. Form in a triangle with the purple candle at the head, the black to the bottom left, and the white to the right left. Purple candle, dress with JOAN OF ARC oil; Black candle, dress with JINX BEGONE or SAINT CYPRIAN oil; White candle, dress with SHAMAN BLESSING oil.In the center of these three candles, place a small bowl of sugar and put a picture of yourself in the bowl. If you can, try to choose a picture of yourself that you genuinely like, one that was taken on a happy day. On the back of the picture, write out all of your good qualities and things that make you feel blessed. Anoint in the sign of the cross with the SHAMAN BLESSING OIL.

To the left of the black candle, place a fire safe dish. Write out all things that are holding you back in life such as bad habits, certain people, or unpleasant situations. Each day, until all the candles have burned out, tear the paper into smaller pieces and move further away from the candles. When all the candles have finished burning, burn the pieces of paper. Take the ashes outside at sunset and blow them to the West in the direction of the setting sun.

Take your photograph, fold it towards you three times and carry with for the next three weeks. Longer if you prefer and can use it as an ingredient in a mojo bag.

Foot Track Magic Cleansing

Foot Track Magic CleansingThis is based on an old Hoodoo rite for removing crossed conditions. It can be used to remove foot track magic (like hot foot) or for cleansing a home of the residue of foot track magic.

What you will need:

The implementation is simple. Take about a half cup of ammonia and mix in a bucket with about 5 cups of water. Add a pinch of powdered horseradish, 3 straws from a broom, a dash of holy water, and about a capful of JINX BEGONE or CYPRIAN oil.  Mix well. Take a rag or sponge and cleanse the four corners on the house (inside.)  If you are concerned about the mixture spoiling carpeting (or anything else) then simply wipe down the baseboards in the four corners of the house.  This does not mean the four corners of the person’s room, but of the entire home. So, you will have to go from room to room to touch all four corners of the structure.  When you have done this, take outside and dump the rest on the front porch. After spreading it around a bit, feel free to pour more water on the porch to cleanse it. Now, the cleansing magic will be carried throughout the rest of your house whenever someone enters the front door.

Cross of Michael Protection Spell

CROSS OF MICHAEL –Cross of Michael Protection Spell

This spell is not only one of protection, but also for creating a protective amulet that you will wear on your body.

What you will need:

Place the white candles in the sign of the cross – top, bottom, left and right and anoint each one with WALL OF FIRE.Now anoint your four quartz crystals with the WALL OF FIRE oil and place in the empty spaces between the candles. Next, anoint the St. Michael medallion with the oil and place in the center of the candles. Rub the palm of your hand with the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL oil then pour a little red brick dust on top of it. Gently blow across the entire work surface, allowing the dust to settle on the candles, the medallion, and the crystals.Light the candles and say this prayer to St. Michael ‘Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.’

When the candles have finished burning, you wear the medallion as an amulet of protection and place the four crystals at the four corners of your house which will act of Talismans of Protection.

Learn more about Saint Michael the Archangel by clicking here.

Down the River Enemy Removal Bottle Spell

Down the River Enemy Removal Bottle SpellBottle spells thrown into running water are usually to send a person away from you – to a different location. If you live near a river, even better.

  • What you will need:
  • small bottle – between 2 and 4 ounces
  • nails
  • lemon juice
  • picture of your target
  • red pepper
  • access to a river or some other running water
  1. If you do not have a picture of your enemy, write their name on a piece of paper seven times and write your petition over their name. If you do have a picture, write your petition over it stating exactly what you want to happen.
  2. Fold away from you as many times as possible and place in the bottle.
  3. Drop into the bottle the nails, peppers, and about 1/3 of the bottle of CAST OUT AND BANISH oil.
  4. Fill to the top with lemon juice, cap, and shake while restating your intention.
  5. Take to a place of running water, such as a river, and restate your intention again.
  6. Throw as hard as you can into the water and walk away without looking back.

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Fire and Salt Protection Bottle spell


easy to put together but packs a powerful punch. Combines the elements of protection found in both witchcraft and Hoodoo.


  • Choose a bottle that is small enough to hide under your front porch or bury near (if you have a porch that can’t be accessed underneath.)
  • Pour about two capfuls of protection oil inside the bottle.
  • Put inside: the bay leaf, sage, and clove of garlic. If the neck of the bottle is too small, feel free to chop up the garlic clove and stuff into the bottle.
  • Top off with salt, filling to the top and cork tightly.
  • Anoint the two red spell candles with the anointing oil and burn on either side of the bottle, while saying a prayer for protection. A simple biblical protection passage is found in Psalms 59:1 “Deliver me from my enemies, O God; be my fortress against those who are attacking me.”
  • When the candles have completely burned away, place the bottle under your front porch or bury beside it.

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Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle

Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle

Moving Candle Spell - Love Triangle
This moving candle spell uses three figural candles, one each to represent the three parties involved in a love triangle. Each candle should be carved with the name of the person it represents along with any other information that focuses on that person (birthdate, personal information, sign of the zodiac, and more.) This is most often used to break up two people and have one of those people return to another person. The candle representing the two people currently in a relationship are placed towards one side of a rectangular space (you can cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to protect it) and the candles are anointed with RETURN TO ME oil on the person you want to return to you and a combination of BREAKUP and HOT FOOT oils on the person you want to leave. The candle representing you is anointed with COME TO ME oil. In the picture you will notice that the man and woman currently together are placed back to back, while the man is facing the other woman who he should return to (usually, YOU if you are the one doing the work.) One the loving side of the surface is a “finish line” of rose petals that welcome the couple to be reunited while the woman being locked out is moved over a line of vandal root (aka valerian). You will notice in the picture that the couple to be reunited have live plants on their side and dried and dead twigs are on the side of the woman being banished. This part is a personal preference – adding this live and dried plants is simply a little addition WE chose to add. After lit, the candles are slowly moved in a way to separate the couple, moving the man closer and closer to the one he should be reunited with until they finally reach each other face-to-face. This can be performed in any configuration depending on your situation: 3 men, 3 women, 2 men and a woman, two women and a man, etc.

1 bottle “Return to Me” oil
1 bottle “Break Up” oil
1 bottle “Hot Foot” oil
1 bottle “Come to Me” oil
3 figure candles representing the three people in your spell
rose petals
vandal root
– rectangular heat proof surface

From there they are allowed to burn until completed, forming pools of wax. You can use the wax for divination to see how you spell performed. Did any specific candle burn longer and faster than another? Do the wax pools “reach out” for a specific person or did the pools “hug” each other or melt together? The possibilities are endless. Be still, use your intuition, and listen.

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Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spellWall of Fire Protection candle spell is meant to shield you (or someone else you are trying to protect) from outside influences that mean you harm. The center candle in white represents the person being protected. We usually use a white cross candle to signify the person but you can use a male or female figural candle if you prefer. It is then surrounded by 2 red candles, 2 orange candles, and 2 yellow candles — all the colors of fire. These candles make a circle around you and are anointed with our Wall of Fire protection oil. The center white candle is carved with your name and anointed with St. Christopher oil and possibly other oils that deal with your specific situation. The work is then surrounded by stones that are meant to protect and absorb negativity. Most of the time we use angelica root around the candles as well but may choose others depending on the condition.

The act of performing this work is what is needed and no divination in the wax is performed. However,  gather up the leftover wax and place it into a white cloth. Keep it for at least three days on your altar, or beside your bed. After three days, bury in the front yard near the entrance.  You can also bury in a pot near the door if you live in an apartment and have no yard.

1 white cross candle
2 red spell candles
2 yellow spell candles
2 orange spell candles
6 black obsidian stones (optional)
angelica root
1 bottle “Wall of Fire” oil
1 bottle “St. Christopher” oil

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Passion and Lust spells are meant to ignite or awaken sexual desire. Some people use this to bring spark back into an old relationship, while others want to increase someone’s sexual desire towards them.
Pictured is the female member candle spell but it can be performed with either a male of female candle.  First, the name of your target is carved into the candle along with any other personal information might connect them: sign of the zodiac, birth date, favorite color, current city, place of birth, etc. The candle is anointed and rubbed with our Passion and Lust oil in a way that simulates the “awakening of sexual activity” until the candle heats up with friction. Burning beside the candle is the “Attract” powdered incense. Sprinkle damiana and catnip around the base of the candle. You could also powdered the herbs and roll the candle it them after anointing with oil.
The altar here is also covered with stones, crystals, statuary, and other items dealing with sexuality and lust.  We almost always use the herb Damiana in this work because of its ability to increase the libido and sexual appetite. Depending on your situation, you might choose to use a variety of other herbs, roots, flowers, or minerals.
From there it is allowed to burn until the candle burns out. The way the wax melts and the shapes it creates will help you perform divination in the wax, using its images for hints as to the outcome.


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Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money spell from Papa GeeMONEY DRAWING spell work is something that we perform every day. Our store has a money altar near the front door where a green money candle is lit during all hours we are open and sits beside our money honey jar. Another money drawing altar is right inside the door of our little cottage church where this money drawing candle spell was created.

Here we used items that are associated with money magic: real cash, coins, i-ching coins, pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon sticks, green rice, alfalfa and other ingredients depending on your particular situation. The saint I turn to for money matters is St. Homobonus, who is the patron Saint of business people. The 9 inch green pillar is in the center but a 6 inch one would be just as effective and should be carved with your name, money symbols, and any parts of your petition that link to root of the matter about your finances and anointed with money drawing and money lasts oil. Behind this pillar candle, I also anoint a green 7-day candle to keep the energy of the spell working for a solid week. – Papa Gee

green 6 inch candle
1 bottle “Money Drawing” oil
1 bottle “Money Lasts” oil
pyrite gravel
green glass encased vigil candle

Setting this up is a matter of preference. You can see from the picture that we’ve go all out with statuary, money, coins, etc. Use your instincts as to how much or how little to do. You cannot set up a money altar incorrectly. It’s your intention that matters the most.

Return to Me love spell – bring back a lost love

Return to Me Love Spell by GeeThis Return to Me spell focuses on bringing someone back into your life who has left. People often ask how return to me work is different than reconciliation. To me, return to me love work is about getting someone who has physically left your home/space to return to it so things can be repaired or worked out. While Reconcile work can certainly has the same “vibe” to it, hoodoo spells of reconciliation might focus on the relationship itself. For example, perhaps two people have drifted apart BUT they still live in the same house. The way I designed this working is to focus on both — the reconciliation of two people who have parted both emotionally AND physically.
– Gee

The center figural candle will reflect the sex of the person you are targeting. In this picture, you will notice a male figure candle. To the left and the back of him are blue spell candles, dressed and set to healing (blue is for healing) things from the past. The candle to the right in pink and red are focusing on the future with red to reignite the flames of passion and pink to reactivate or rediscover true love. You will notice that the smaller candles are set very close to the figural candles. They are placed that way for a reason — to “light a fire under his ass.” The heat from these close burning spell candles will also work on melting the figure candle to impart their intentions on the target.

Anoint the figural candle and the pink and red with the “Return to Me” oil, rubbing upwards. Anoint the blue candles with “Healing Energy” oil, also rubbing upwards. Roll the figure candle in lavender buds. Pray over and / or write a petition to bring your love back to you and heal the pain of the past and place under the dish you have set your candles on. Light the candles.

1 figural candle
1 bottle “Return to Me” oil
1 bottle “Healing Energy” oil
4 spell or ‘chime’ candles – 2 blue; 1 pink; 1 red
Lavender buds