Scented Soy Candles


Soy candles burn at a lower temperature than paraffin candles, which makes them burn longer. Our scented jar candles are 11 ounce candles and burn approximately 65 hours if you follow the burning instructions and keep the wick trimmed back between burnings. They burn all the way across and clean down the glass.$12.00 – 11 ounce fragrance soy candle

About our Soy Candles

We can honestly say that over the years we have thrown away more fragrance samples than we have kept. If it doesn’t meet our standards and smells like a cheap scent, then into the trash it goes. We have been using the same fragrance oil supplier for years and know they have a reputation for superior products. Each scent we select is high in quality and burns true to the fragrance you smell when you unscrew the lid. Our soy candles are left uncolored and are a creamy-white color.

Our wicks are all cotton with no core. We won’t boast about our lead-free wicks like so many other companies because everyone in the business knows that’s a pretty funny statement – wicks with lead haven’t been sold in the United States for almost fifteen years! We believe in truth in marketing.

Soy candles all less likely to trigger allergic reactions and do not create that black soot that smogs up your white ceilings the way paraffin candles do. So, why pay $25 for one of those mall candles when you can get two candles and a bar of soap for that price?