Glass encased Vigil Candles

Glass encased vigil candles burn for approximately seven days. In some cases, conditions such as temperature and breeze (or even their manufacturing) may cause them to burn shorter or longer. They are mostly used as a constant prayer, which you will place your written petition underneath. Most people burn they straight through without blowing them out. If this isn’t possible in your home, it is perfectly acceptable to blow them out when you leave the house. Simply thank the candle for its work and restate your intention upon relighting it.

$7.95 each.

These glass vigil candles are UNDRESSED — meaning, we don’t anoint them with any sort of oils or herbs. They are unscented, blank candles in a variety of colors that YOU will use to anoint and dress if that is what you desire.

Burning one candle is fine for your condition. But, some people like to burn them in what is called ‘runs.’ A run is a series of candles burned back-to-back for the same problem or condition. Most of the time, magical practitioners burn them in a series of 3’s, 7’s, 9’s, or 13’s. For example, let’s say you are going to burn a run of 3 love candles in red. Dress all of the candles at the same time with your herbs or oils. Mark each one with a marker as 1, 2, and 3. Burn the first candle with your petition underneath or taped to the backside. When it completes its burn, move the petition to candle number 2. When it finishes, repeat with candle 3. You have just burned a run of glass vigil candles.

Our glass encased vigil are $7.95, just a little higher than in our retail store. We do this because these candles are heavy and it helps offset the shipping costs. (our shipping is just $7.49 flat rate.)

Black Absorbing Negativity, hexing, cursing,
Green Wealth, fertility, prosperity, abundance
Blue Success, Healing, stability
Purple Protection, Success, Taking charge
Pink True Love, friendship, love
Red Sexual potency, passion, love
Orange Control, legal matters, attraction, reconciliation
White Purity, truth, sincerity, blessing
Yellow Creativity, confidence, emotions
Brown Protection against Psychic Attack & Earth Magic, court room cases