How to Make Body Mousse

Here is our recipe for you to make a luxurious body mousse of any scent all on your own! Great for the beginning Bath & Body hobbyist or business personnel!

Whisked Body Mousse Recipe

14.8 ounces distilled water
1.2 ounces sweet almond oil
1.2 ounces grapeseed oil
1 ounce glycerin
1 ounce emulsifying wax
0.7 ounces stearic acid
Use right away, store in refrigerator for a few days, OR, use 0.2 ounces preservative.
30 drops favorite fragrance or essential oil.

Put in a microwave safe bowl the – sweet almond, grapeseed, glycerin, emulsifying wax and stearic acid. When stearic acid and emulsifying wax have melted, remove from microwave.

Pour into a standing mixer and use a cake mixer, although the standing mixer works best and whisk at medium speed for a few seconds then switch to medium-low until the recipe begins to cool and emulsifies together.

When emulsified, speed up the blending process to high speed. You can switch between high and medium-high (use your own judgement) until the recipe becomes fluffy. It should increase in volume by two to two-and-a-half times.

At this point, while still blending, add the preservative and scent. You can also add a few drops of food coloring for color.

Pour into jars and leave alone for a full day, allowing the recipe time to set up. It will transform into a light cream. It is normal and expected for the fluffiness to decrease as it morphs into its final stage – a luxurious body mousse.