Beeswax Oats Soap Recipe

Beeswax Soap

This makes for a nice, hard bar of soap.  The warm and nutty-like smells of beeswax and oats is like bathing with comfort food.  Because of the beeswax in this recipe, it is better to use lower temperatures such as below 130 degrees F.  Works especially well when using the pre-cooled master batch method.

16 ounces vegetable shortening
14 ounces coconut oil
14 ounces olive oil
4 ounces cocoa butter
2 ounces castor oil
2.5 ounces beeswax
7 ounces lye
16.5 ounces distilled water
1/2 cup powdered oats
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 ounce palmarosa essential oil
1/2 ounce orange essential oil
1/2 ounce lavender essential oil

Follow soap making directions found at the top of every page.