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About aromaG’s Botanica

crystal and stone hall at aromags botanica metaphysical shopSince 1999, our metaphysical store has been offering magical oils, candles, incense, crystals, stones, ritual tools, books, herbs, hoodoo, and much more. We always have a great time in the workshop brewing up new things, mainly because we make our own handmade conjure and hoodoo oils, incense, ritual candles, spiritual baths, herbal soaps, spell kits, powders, body care and natural aromatherapy products. Therefore, you always know they are fresh and that we know exactly what goes into each bottle or jar. Since we’ve done this for so long, more than twenty years, aromaG’s has become the largest collection in the South of artisan-made metaphysical, new age, and aromatherapy products, all made so that you can use them for your spiritual practice. Our Nashville store and website has been around since 1999. Take our virtual store TOUR HERE

aromaG’s mission statement – “To inspire everyone to explore their spirituality in their own way by offering information and products in a nurturing multi-cultural environment.” Serving you since 1999.

How we make our magical products

Unlike many suppliers, our products made are by artisans to enhance your spiritual practice, mainly because we are also magical practitioners. There is no assembly line of people who don’t believe in the magical arts around here! If you’ve ever visited our store, you have seen that most of our employees have personal altars on the top shelves of the Earth room. Complete line of witchcraft and Wicca oils and products. If you’ve been searching for a witch store near you, we offer a wide selection and are Nashville’s largest metaphysical store filled with hundreds of herbs, statues, stones and crystals and our famous handmade soap.  tarot and psychic readings.

What is the Difference in a Metaphysical, New Age, and Spiritual Shop?

Stores offering magical goods can be one, two, or all three of these things at once. Sometimes there is a fine line between what defines these stores and some might disagree with these definitions but we will try to explain.

New Age Store

new age store with crystalsThe phrase “new age” and related expressions like “new era” and “new world” have long been used to suggest that a better way of life for humanity is on the horizon. They also precede the development of the New Age movement. This type of shop usually has a spiritual theme that is calming and might appeal to even doubters of new age philosophy. You usually find items like: singing bowls, crystals and stones, meditation classes and tools, jewelry, body products like soaps and lotions, and information about topics like the chakra system, reiki, energy healing, and sound therapy. Most new age shops also have books and incense. This type of store might be described as having a “love and light” vibe to it.

Spiritual Shop

botanica spiritual shop with jars of herbsThe Spiritual store could have everything in it we described in the new age store, depending on the owner and the focus. Sometimes, it may simply be a religious goods store that focuses on a specific religion or a number of religious paths that have the same teachings behind them. A Christian bookstore might also be considered a spiritual shop as would a Catholic supplies store. A Botanica would also fall into this category. Botánicas are widely used in Latino communities and several Hispanic American nations. These businesses offer herbal remedies, candles, sculptures of saints and popular deities, as well as folk medicine. Additionally, they offer books, oils, incense, and perfumes. The majority of botánicas offer goods and services connected to religions and spiritual movements including Candomblé, Curanderismo, Espiritismo, Macumba, Palo, Santa Muerte, and Santeria. Loose herbs are almost always found in every botanica.

Metaphysical Store

metaphysical store with bottles of magical oilsThe Metaphysical store is usually a more esoteric version of the new age store and carries more items dealing with the occult, paganism, and witchcraft supplies alongside everything you would find in a new age shop: books, tarot, incense, candles, stones and crystals, psychic readings, ritual tools, amulets and charms, herbs and other mystical items. You might find classes and services that you would not find in the other types of shops such as how to cast spells, information about Hoodoo, Wicca, Druidism, and British Witchcraft. Many refer to these stores as occult shops.

aromaG’s Botanica is an eclectic mixture of all three types of store: metaphysical, new age, and spiritual.

aromags hoodoo wall in the front room of our metaphysical store
wall of Hoodoo products at aromaGs Botanica metaphysical store

We are a combination of all three of these types of shops. The owners of aromaG’s Botanica, Roy and Greg, have both been studying the metaphysical arts for over 30 years. The store itself has been open since 1999 offering religious goods to all paths and spiritual practices. Both are certified aromatherapists, tarot readers, and folk magic practitioners and have extensive knowledge of herbalism in regards to both the herbs’ magical and medicinal purposes as well as our customer’s beliefs and practices. Our staff is an eclectic bunch and we go out of our way to keep it that way. Our employees are made up of witches, druids, hoodoo practitioners, astrologers, followers of Santeria, Christian, pagan. Some are Reiki masters, tarot readers, tea leaf readers, energy healers, or some follow their own eclectic path. We do have a few Spanish speaking employees. aromaG’s is here to help guide our customers to better spiritual health.

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